Folino Estate

Folino Estate

This bucolic vineyard, winery, and restaurant pours on the rustic charm with European-style wines that partner beautifully with Italian food.

We Love

Amid the many premise-made pastas, wood-fired personal pizzas, and traditional Italian entrées vying for attention, Mama Lidia’s Lasagna sings the most seductive aria. Luscious baked layers of ricotta and mozzarella, homemade tomato sauce flavored with ground beef and ham—an unusual ingredient—and broad noodles provide an unparalleled delivery system of Old World comfort. This secret generational family recipe initiates guests into the honorary Folino famiglia. Pair with a medium-dry Lorenzo Forte, a bold blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. (The wine maker provides multiple matching suggestions across the menu, making pairings a breeze.)


Although first-time guests often stop by the tasting room to sample what they might most enjoy with dinner, the top-selling glass in the dining room is seasonal sangria, a specialty that changes monthly. Spring editions of Blackberry-Lavender-Lemonade Sangria and Raspberry-Rhubarb Sangria have given way to the full-blown summery taste of Strawberry-Basil Sangria in June. Folino Estate’s wine maker has even crafted a distinct white wine blend for exclusive use in these splashy libations.

What’s the Vibe Like?

With a massive stone villa surrounded by acres of vineyards, Folino Estate pops onto the horizon like a vision from Tuscany—or other exotic, non-Berks County locale. The environment is designed to be relaxing and casual, although busy weekends bring a high-energy vibe. For a quieter experience, visit on a weeknight. When the building was constructed, the patio was positioned to maximize views of amazing sunsets. An atmospheric, fountain-bedecked piazza adjacent to the tasting room offers an intimate setting to share a bottle of wine and nibble cured meats and cheeses from the gourmet market. Brunch and live music add an air of vibrancy to Sundays, and a farm market held on the first Sunday of each month enables guests to stock up on local goods.


Q&A With Co-Owner Andrea Folino

What sets Folino Estate apart from other wineries?
We’re providing an all-around experience that you can’t find easily anywhere else. You can come get a glass a wine and just sit on our piazza to people-watch, or have a great dinner on the patio—our staff is trained to give the best customer service. And our more traditional, drier-style European wines pair amazingly well with food.

How does the vineyard influence your cuisine?
Our Italian-born chef incorporates wine into diverse dishes. Polpette—meatballs served as an appetizer or main dish with pasta and sauce—are infused with red wine, and gnocchi is tossed with pancetta jam and topped with white wine cream sauce. Die-hard red wine fans love the Drunken Pasta, with purple red wine-infused tagliatelle. The newly released menu includes a seared pork tenderloin garnished with roasted red grapes, and a ricotta-mozzarella-Parmesan pizza crowned with roasted red grapes and a red wine glaze.

What are your Black Label wines?
These five limited-release wines are made in a European style and crafted in French oak barrels. They’re all bold reds, like people would make in their homes in the old towns of Italy and sell to other people in the village. The Valentino, a Chianti-style blend, was named after my father-in-law since he’s been a huge influence.

Any special summer events coming up?
Yes! Our inaugural Italian Festival is scheduled for Sunday, July 8 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be a great band from Brooklyn, The Vanessa Racci Band, that does traditional Italian-American songs with a jazz twist; a bocce ball tournament; grape stomping; a vineyard tour; and so much food: a fresh pasta bar, cannoli bar, gelato bar, Italian pastries, and more. The basic idea was to include every kind of Italian thing we could think of in one place!

Do you have a branch location?
We’re opening Vintner’s Table in Phoenixville this summer. It’s a giftware, tableware, and home décor store for the wine lover. There’s going to be a large tasting bar and a salumeria—basically a charcuterie bar where you can customize your own cured meat and cheese boards.


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