Zionsville Antique Mall

Zionsville Antique Mall

Telling and selling the history of America, one piece at a time.


American Pickers is a popular series that premiered on the History Channel in 2010. From vintage film posters to antique motorcycles, the show follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz around the country in search of the most interesting and valuable items for sale. Like these reality television stars, Maritza and Rudy Lopez also make their living telling and selling the history of America one piece at a time. But, they do it in our own back yard and all under one roof at the Zionsville Antique Mall. 

It began in the spring of 1994. Like many of us often do, Maritza and Rudy dreamed of one day making their passion a business. The dream became a reality when, during a leisurely drive, they noticed the perfect building for sale. The next day, they refinanced their home, bought the property, and put everything they had on the line.

“I was an antiques enthusiast in love with vintage merchandise and collectibles,” says Maritza. “Rudy wanted to restore old cars. At the end of the day, we were both antique buffs. And, although we had plenty of doubts about what we were doing, with the support of our family and our community, we just went out and did it,” she laughs.

Although they may not have known it at the time, the Lopezes were living the American dream of starting their own successful business. Twenty-five years later, they’re delivering one of the most unique shopping experiences anywhere on the east coast, right here in the Lehigh Valley.

With approximately 200 booths, Zionsville Antique Mall is 30,000 square feet of retail space with thousands of unique pieces of merchandise on display, from antique Pyrex mixing bowls that have become all the rage to matchbox cars to signage from old businesses. Each booth carries a different vendor’s (i.e. collector’s) product. Besides a friendly approach to educating customers, their business model allows them to keep overhead low, so they can showcase the widest selection of merchandise.

As the company grew, Rudy left his third-shift job with Stanley Vidmar and joined the effort full-time. Today, Zionsville Antique Mall is also managed and led by Rudy and Maritza’s daughter Melissa. Her experience growing up around the business and love for interior decorating drives her to find new ways to introduce the mall to those who may not know it exists.

“Where Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware sell reproductions, we have the originals.”

“Aside from the work ethic of my mom and dad, the key to our success is simple,” says Melissa. “We provide a fun shopping experience where you can find one-of-a-kind items for your home that have personality, history, and value.” This is what makes them different.

Today, they’re delivering that experience and selling unique merchandise from just about every time period, culture, and area of the globe. “We have customers that love it so much that they spend all day here,” says Melissa. “You can’t compare the experience of shopping here to buying online.  It doesn’t even come close,” she explains.

With quality and variety in mind from the onset, the majority of merchandise on display is vintage, collectible, or antique. It comes from old farms, barns, estates, and people who, for one reason or another, have stored antiques and unique collectibles for generations. “Where Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware sell reproductions, we have the originals”, says Melissa. “In fact, from time to time, we see them here looking for items they can reproduce and sell to the broader market at a premium.”

Shopping at an antique mall is a lot like treasure hunting. And every once in a while it’s also better than playing the lottery. “Years ago, friends of ours purchased a very famous Salvador Dali painting for less than a dollar. Although they thought is was a reproduction, it was later authenticated by an expert and sold at national auction for over $800,000.

What You’ll Find

Some of the items you will find at Zionsville Antique Mall include: home and barn materials (referred to as salvage), military flags, horse spindles, nostalgic toys, books, antique dolls, art, bicycles, fireplace mantles, old tractor parts, vintage wheels and baskets, woodworking tools, old tins and signs, wagons, collectible trains, cameras, clocks, musical instruments, vintage Christmas, Coca-Cola, A-Treat, and Hess’s memorabilia, vintage furniture, bronze, jewelry, trunks, vintage luggage, cookware, old maps, and on and on and on. If they don’t have exactly you’re looking for, it’s likely they can help you find it.

Zionsville Antique Mall is located on Route 100 about 3 miles south of Macungie. For more information, call 610.965.3292 or visit zionsvilleantiquemall.com.
7567 Chestnut St. | Zionsville, PA 18092

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