June 2015 Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

The days are longer, crickets are humming in the night air and school will soon be over. We are on the heels of summer, which brings the age-old question back to the seasonal forefront once again. So I ask you, Charcoal or Gas?

There are tightly-knit fans in both camps. On the propane side, you’ll find those who are looking for an easy light and tight control of flame distribution. Then, on the more campy side, the charcoal users don’t mind the work they have to put forth to give their food the smoky flavor that cannot be duplicated with a gas grill. Ultimately the decision is a matter of personal taste.

I always considered myself a gas griller all the way. However, recently, I quickly found out that no mode of grilling quite matches up to roasting a weenie over an open fire. Over Memorial Day weekend, my family continued our 10-year tradition of meeting at my sister’s cabin for a few days of bonding and relaxation.

We sat around the campfire telling stories and making new memories. At one point I thought a round of Kumbaya might even be in order. But when someone broke out the hot dogs it was game on! In a matter of minutes, everyone was in on the action… we immediately went back to our Stone Age roots and began connecting with our inner cavemen. Roasting hotdogs on the sticks we found – and whittled into a point – was definitely a highlight of the trip.

Are you a charcoal griller? Perhaps you prefer propane? No matter your flair for fire cooking, I am sure you can attest to having grilled at least once in your life. In fact, according to a national study, 80 percent of American homes own an outdoor barbeque grill or smoker. Chances are you fall into this category so this is the perfect time of year to turn up the heat. Turn to page 46 for tips and recipes for the perfect burger. Get grilling and enjoy!


Happy Summer,

Amy Hines, Editor

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