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Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers, As a child, I always looked forward to Christmas. I couldn’t wait for all the cool stuff I would get, all the great food and treats, and all the free time to have fun since school was out for weeks. The memories are imprinted in my mind and come alive every year with the sounds and sights of the holidays. Today, as an adult – and more importantly a mom ... »

Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers, Balance. Webster defines it as, “a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts; remaining in a position without losing control or falling.” Sounds simple, right? Sounds like we should be able to maintain a healthy life balance quite easily, right? Not so fast. Most of us know we work – whether paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time – too ... »

Letter From the Editor

Dear readers, It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Okay, I know what you’re thinking – I’m a bit early. But, for me, autumn truly is the most wonderful time of the year. You know that excited feeling the Christmas holiday brings? Well, that’s how I feel when fall finally rolls around. Nothing can compare to the perfect temperatures and soft breezes of an a... »

Letter From the Editor

Dear readers, An online dictionary defines “traditions” as behaviors and actions that you engage in again and again – regular rituals that you perform at the same time and/or in the same way. Traditions can be big, such as a time-honored religious celebration; or they can be small, like eating at the same restaurant on the first day of vacation. They differ from routines a... »

Letter From the Editor August 2016

Dear readers, Most people who know me know that I am seldom at a loss for words. When I write my letters to you, the words flow and I find I have to circle back many times to get to my point in a more succinct way. However, I must admit this month when I sat down to write, the words just would not come. I’m pretty sure it was because the lazy days of summer have really set... »

Letter From the Editor June 2016

Dear Readers, Well Lehigh Valley, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some sunshine. May days were filled with stormy and cloudy skies, and if you’re anything like me, you wake up on a rainy day, groan and pull the covers over your head. I’ve feel like I did a lot of that last month! After all, who wants to dig out an umbrella, commute in the rain, and go outside whe... »

Letter From the Editor May 2016

Dear Readers, Everyone who reads my letters knows how much I love the Lehigh Valley. I spent nearly 47 years of my life growing up here, living here and raising my family here. My family, those three people who I love and adore, who make my world complete… those same three people who drove me to a moment this morning in which I was shouting in desperation, “Calgon…Take Me ... »

Letter From the Editor April 2016

Dear Readers, On Sunday, March 20, half an hour past midnight EDT, the sun crossed the celestial equator moving north. This marked our first official day of spring. But we don’t need a date to tell us that spring is here. Taking advantage of the sunlight, people, plants, and animals are emerging from their winter modes to get outside, bloom, and otherwise welcome the sunsh... »

Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers, Several weeks ago my husband and I met an old friend for lunch. He wanted to introduce us to the new love in his life so we arranged to meet at a quaint little restaurant in Philadelphia. We were excited at the prospect of finally meeting “the one.” She was lovely, born and raised just south of Philadelphia. The conversation was light and easy, but when we to... »

February 2016 Letter From The Editor


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