Letter From the Editor June 2016

Dear Readers,

Well Lehigh Valley, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some sunshine. May days were filled with stormy and cloudy skies, and if you’re anything like me, you wake up on a rainy day, groan and pull the covers over your head. I’ve feel like I did a lot of that last month! After all, who wants to dig out an umbrella, commute in the rain, and go outside when the sky is grey and gloomy?

Recently, I read about a study conducted by Harvard University and the University of North Carolina that proved that our productivity is actually higher on days when the sun’s not shining. Why? The researchers found that, on gloomy days, participants were less likely to be distracted by thoughts of outdoor activities and more able to focus.

That may be true, but how about when rainy days turn into gloomy weeks and gloomy months? Once the rains really set in, it just isn’t fun anymore. The only way to escape the annoying pitter-patter sound and the constant gloominess is to make plans for when the warmer weather arrives.

I, for one, will be happy to see our local parks filled with happy people toting coolers, blankets, and finger-lickin’ foods, looking for the perfect picnic spot. If you’re ready to get out there, turn to page 26 for a list of some Lehigh Valley gardens. Pick a place and plan your outing.

You will also find some tips to help you pack your perfect picnic. Flip to page 24 to find out how a little planning, some key gadgets and a bit of advice, can make your picnic and planning more delightful. And, if you’re just looking to hang out in your backyard and cook up a summer feast, Kelly Cerimele introduces you to great accessories when you’re firing up your grill. Check out Hot Ticket on page 32.

Here’s to sunnier days!
Amy Hines, Editor

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