September 2016

Healthy Aging

September is Healthy Aging Month

September is Healthy Aging Month, a time to consider the positive side of growing older and celebrate the steps older adults, often in collaboration with health care professionals, take to stay healthy, happy, and independent. In a wide-ranging conversation with Jason Meixsell, Area Rehabilitation Manager, HCR-ManorCare, he discussed why people are living longer, emerging ... »

Back to School

What Does Back to School Mean To You?

’Tis the season (no, not that one – despite what store displays might have you believe, we’re not quite there yet) of back to school. This particular season comes in several different flavors: sweet, bittersweet, and, occasionally, sour. For some, the three simple words promise shiny new supplies and friendly reunions. For others, streets packed with school buses only spel... »

Historical Society

Lehigh County Historical Society & Lehigh Valley Heritage Center

Located in the heart of downtown Allentown, just minutes from the PPL Center, the Lehigh Valley Heritage Center is a premiere museum and research facility. Its 13,000 square feet of exhibit space is divided into six different galleries, which showcase the Lehigh Valley story of American history. The museum’s collection includes more than 35,000 historic artifacts, 90,000+ ... »

Phoebe's Kitchen

Phoebe’s Cooking Show

Every week, thousands of viewers tune into a show called Phoebe’s Cooking Show. Unconstrained by one cuisine or course, Phoebe whips up everything from guacamole to fruitcake, often in less than ten minutes. Her show is so popular that when she drops into the local diner or ice cream stand for a treat, waitresses and guests bombard her with future recipe requests. For most... »

Mardochee Dade

Mardochee Dade

Many of us have dreams that remain tantalizingly out-of-reach, no matter how hard we chase them. Mardochee Dade’s dreams of playing cello began when he discovered the instrument in third grade. Just 10 years later, thanks to innate skill, determination, and enthusiastic community support, he’s become one of our region’s most accomplished young string players. It started wi... »

Art Mart Hot Ticket

Art Mart

Hot Ticket Index Allentown Art Museum 31 N Fifth St Allentown | 610.432.4333 1. Friendship Bracelets Making-Kit – $13.95 2. Edward Gorey Coloring Cards – $13.95 3. Creative Haven Animal Calaveras Coloring Book – $5.99 4. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Artists’ Tools Pencil Roll – $39.95 5. My First Coloring Book by Keith Harin... »

The Shade Tree

The Shade Tree

This past summer there were four of us engaged in a very complex and synchronized strategic mission. We honed our skills and operated with the precision and determination of soldiers heading into combat. Murmurs started the night before. Schedules were exchanged, coordinates were mapped, and secret plans were made under the cover of night. In the wee hours of the next morn... »

Creative Awnings

Creative Awnings

Bob Pozzuto had been in the garment trade for 25 years, operating a sewing factory in Coopersburg until the industry began to change when American apparel manufacturing started moving overseas. “I put the building up for sale and started to ask myself, do I want to retire or not,” he recalled. “I sold the place to a man who was involved in window treatments and awnings, wh... »

Light It Up

Light It Up – Your Home’s Landscape After Dark

Think about the lighting in your home. You likely have functional lighting as well as accent lighting. You may have the ability to create effects, such as up-lighting key focal points of a room, drawing the eyes upward with track lighting inside architectural areas, or surely you have the ability to brighten and dim certain lights on command. You can switch a table lamp of... »


Noch ein Bier, bitte. Celebrating Oktoberfest in the Lehigh Valley

Do you like beer? Yes. Do you like games? Sure do. Do you like fun? Obviously. Do you tend to get really excited about anything with the suffix “-fest”? Happens to the best of us. Do you like spending $2,109 and 11 hours on a plane from Philadelphia to Munich with a layover in Frankfurt in order to celebrate Oktoberfest? Hard pass. Thankfully, the Lehigh Valley and its sur... »

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