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December 2015 Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us. There are gifts to buy, parties to attend, food to cook, family to see, and many fun ways to celebrate. This time of year is supposed to be the most festive, fun and relaxing of all. But, as much as I enjoy the spirit of the season I often find myself feeling like I am on a fast moving amusement park rid... »

September 2015 Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, I live in a house full of sports fans. Some of us play sports, some of us love to watch them. Anyone who knows me knows that I bleed Phillie red. As a lifetime Buffalo Bills fan, my husband has permanent scars from the early ‘90s when “his” team lost four Super Bowls… in a row. And, I, now a Bills fan, have never seen my team win a playoff game. We live and d... »

August 2015 Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, It’s closing in on that time of year again. Children all across the Lehigh Valley will soon be putting on their new school uniforms, slipping on shiny shoes, and stuffing their backpacks with tons of supplies; and parents will be secretly cheering inside as they finally manage to ship their offspring back to school after many weeks of summer vacation. However... »

June 2015 Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, The days are longer, crickets are humming in the night air and school will soon be over. We are on the heels of summer, which brings the age-old question back to the seasonal forefront once again. So I ask you, Charcoal or Gas? There are tightly-knit fans in both camps. On the propane side, you’ll find those who are looking for an easy light and tight control... »

May 2015 Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, It’s been said that April showers bring May flowers. If only it were that easy. Every year around this time we find ourselves weeding, digging, planting, fertilizing, watering… and waiting. With every glance out the window and every stroll around the yard, we hope to see the first flower peeking through, bringing new color, life and energy to our homes. The g... »

April 2015 Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, Are you ready to start fresh and tackle some spring cleaning projects? I know I am. As warmer days approach and I shake off the cobwebs of winter, there is one room in my house that is begging for a little TLC – the kitchen. With so many cold days resulting in a cupboard full of comfort foods, I honestly can’t remember the last time I cleaned out my pantry. I... »

March 2015 Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, I’m sitting at my kitchen island on a Monday morning writing this letter to you in amazement. I’m amazed because it’s the first Monday since Christmas that my kids did not have a delay or day off due to snow, ice or frigid temps. This year, nearly every Sunday night, Mother Nature reminded us that winter was in full swing by depositing some form of precipitat... »

February 2015 Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, Having been born and raised in Allentown, I can vividly recall shopping at Hess’s – the crown jewel of a bustling business and shopping district. And, long before Zappos entered my world, I shopped at Farr’s – THE place for shoes with THE best shoe repair shop on the east coast. (Okay, I’m a little biased because the cobbler was my grandfather, Louis Sp... »

November 2014 Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, The holidays are knocking on the door and very soon we will find ourselves amid the chaos of preparing for the season. If you tend to equate the next few weeks with yelling at the mall traffic and stressing out to get ready for guests, why not take a new approach – or revert back to an old one – this year:  find peace and joy in a family holiday traditi... »

October 2014 Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, The official start of autumn came at 10:29 p.m. on Monday, September 22. However, with school well underway, the high school football season already half over, and the weather definitely cooler of late, the arrival of fall seems to have happened weeks before. Temperatures are starting to recede and leaves will soon be shifting from green to brilliant orange, ... »

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