March 2015 Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

I’m sitting at my kitchen island on a Monday morning writing this letter to you in amazement. I’m amazed because it’s the first Monday since Christmas that my kids did not have a delay or day off due to snow, ice or frigid temps. This year, nearly every Sunday night, Mother Nature reminded us that winter was in full swing by depositing some form of precipitation that prevented us from venturing out on a Monday morning to start our week.

But not all was lost on those Monday mornings. As my kids nuzzled in their beds for a few extra winks, I was able to sip my hot coffee, relish in some quiet time and connect with my friends. By that I mean, catch up with them through social media. Yes, I like seeing pictures of their kids, reading about their vacations and praising their accomplishments. But the posts I love most are the ones about food.

We all love food. And, because passion for food is so universal, posting photos of it –towering burgers, most-chocolaty desserts – is a surefire way to establish a connection with others. Food is so essential to our social life that by posting photos of our meals, we invite people to eat with us, even when we’re separated by space and time. So, it’s no coincidence that pictures of food are among the most-shared photos on social media.

On Instagram, an omelet is not just an omelet; it’s also an invitation to reminisce about all the leisurely Sunday brunches you’ve ever enjoyed. A photo of mouthwatering food is like the beginning of a story. It gives viewers the opportunity to tell about their own experiences and their own meanings related to the image.

Our love of food is so intense that we share it with our readers in each and every issue of Marketplace and in our culinary magazine, Good Taste. To help you join in our passion, we’re giving away gift cards from great Lehigh Valley restaurants through the end of June. While you’re out and about dining, share your food photos with us to win! All you have to do is post a picture of any part of your dining affair: food, atmosphere or cool shot of a restaurant and hashtag #LVGoodTaste. We’ll be selecting some of the best shots, so keep an eye on for the winners.

So, friends, keep eating and keep posting.


Amy Hines

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