March 2016

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The ever-growing downtown Allentown dining scene is truly mind-blowing. The promise of the PPL Center on 7th and Hamilton, along with business relocations, has brought with it the hope of housing, retail, and restaurant redevelopment. It still has a long way to go but every time we visit a new downtown eatery, we are amazed at the plethora of choices on Hamilton Street tha... »


Lehigh Valley TOPSoccer

Perhaps grass stains, a perpetual heap of dirty jerseys, and the overwhelming anxiety of literally becoming the “last picked for the team” are all rites of passage. Whether we were budding Beckhams, benchwarmers, or the one doing the laundry and cleaning up after muddy cleats, in some way or another, we’ve all been there, right? All of us, that is, except for those of us w... »

March Madness

The Mania of March Madness

The March Madness phenomenon continues to captivate the nation. Young and old, guys and girls – everyone everywhere seems to get into the spirit of college basketball at its finest. So just how did this marvel come to enjoy its everlasting popularity, and how can you and your crew get into the fun of it all? A Look at the History of March Madness The first-ever NCAA men’s ... »

Kressler, Wolff & Miller Insurance Agency

Kressler, Wolff, & Miller Insurance Agency

Headquartered in Easton, Kressler, Wolff and Miller Insurance Agency has been serving clients in the greater Lehigh Valley area for the past 93 years. As one of the city’s oldest and most enduring businesses, KWM’s personalized philosophy of “serving each client’s needs” is coupled with a strong commitment to supporting local community organizations, foundations and non-pr... »

Hats off to March

Hats Off To March!

  Hot Ticket Index Aquarius 27 N 7th St | Allentown 610.841.9801 | Archive 627 Hamilton St | Allentown 610.433.4698 | Assembly88 544 Hamilton St | Allentown 610.433.7625 | Moravian Book Shop 428 Main St | Bethlehem 610.866.5481 | Sage 27 N 7th St | Allentown 610.841.9800 | »

Wedding Day Fashion

Best in Bridal: The Latest Trends in Wedding Fashion

Your handsome beau proposed to you so romantically on Valentine’s Day. With the glorious rock in place, the wedding preparations went into high gear. One of your first thoughts was wedding fashion. What should you wear on your special day? How about the groom? What will be popular with the Moms? To help you in the search for the perfect attire, four Lehigh Valley designers... »

Cheryl Hochberg

Cheryl Hochberg

“Making art is a career and a college major for people who can’t stand the thought of doing anything else,” Cheryl Hochberg. If anyone should know, it’s her. Hochberg is a painter, mixed-media artist, and the chair of the fine arts department at Kutztown University, a position she has held for the last nine years. She earned her BFA from the Tyler School of Art in Philadel... »

Mack Trucks

A History of Mack Trucks

For more than a century, Mack Trucks has been known as one of America’s top manufactures of heavy-duty vehicles. The phrase “Built like a Mack Truck” is part of the American lexicon, while their bulldog symbol is instantly recognizable to millions of people around the globe. Thanks to blockbuster films like Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon, in which lead charac... »

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care: What You Need to Know

Changes in modern medicine usually bring with them a sense of leaping progress, of conquering new frontiers. But an emerging trend in physician practice, called Direct Primary Care (DPC), actually strives to improve patient care by patterning itself on a business model that dates from the last century. You see, prior to the 1940s, most Americans paid their medical bills di... »

Chestnut Hill Landscape Feature

Great Landscape Architecture: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Close your eyes and imagine your family’s ideal outdoor living space. Does it have a pool or spa? A fire pit, a grill, or a complete outdoor kitchen? Flowers as far as the eye can see, vegetable gardens, an independent waterfall, a sparkling koi pond? Chances are you’ve envisioned something very beautiful and quite personal to your family and each member’s unique desires a... »

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