Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers,

Several weeks ago my husband and I met an old friend for lunch. He wanted to introduce us to the new love in his life so we arranged to meet at a quaint little restaurant in Philadelphia.

We were excited at the prospect of finally meeting “the one.” She was lovely, born and raised just south of Philadelphia. The conversation was light and easy, but when we told her we were Lehigh Valley natives and loved raising our kids here, it quickly turned around. She had a puzzled look on her face. She very innocently asked, “Really? It must be boring living up there in the boonies? What is there to do for fun?”

Really? “The boonies?” Was she kidding me? I immediately turned to her and said, “I think the real question is, ‘What don’t we have in the Lehigh Valley’?” The place we call home is the fastest growing region in Pennsylvania. It is explosive with local arts, deep history, top-notch education, umpteen acres of parks, minor league sports and so much more. How could she not know that? “The boonies…pshaw!”

So, as any good friend – and editor – would do, I set out to make sure she gets the monthly dose of Lehigh Valley love she deserves… I immediately added her to the Marketplace mailing list. There is no better way to show her what the Lehigh Valley is all about.

This issue will be her first one and she is in for some great reading. Highlighting local artists, delectable food, and selfless people, the stories will show her, and remind all our readers, why the Lehigh Valley is so great.

She is a Villanova grad, and since her alma mater has a great chance to go far in the NCAA Basketball Tournament this year, our story on the hoops tourney is sure to pique her interest. Muhlenberg College’s Athletic Director, Corey Goff, lends his insight on bracketology and the mania of March Madness on page 22. Oh, and speaking of sports, check out our Facebook page to find out how to win a 4-pack of tickets to Opening Day at Coca-Cola park. A winner will be drawn every day for the entire month of March.

So, as you read through this issue, you will rediscover reason-after-reason (as if you need it) to be proud of where we live. And maybe, just maybe, my new friend will see it, too.

With love from (and for) the Lehigh Valley,

Amy Hines

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