Letter From the Editor May 2016

Dear Readers,

Everyone who reads my letters knows how much I love the Lehigh Valley. I spent nearly 47 years of my life growing up here, living here and raising my family here. My family, those three people who I love and adore, who make my world complete… those same three people who drove me to a moment this morning in which I was shouting in desperation, “Calgon…Take Me Away!”

In that moment, I wanted to be anywhere else but in the Lehigh Valley with my Hines peeps. In that moment, I needed a getaway. I needed to get away.

Life is busy. I get it. Heck, I signed up for it.

There are obligations – a lot of them. And with those obligations comes stress – a lot of it. Most times I’m up for the challenge. But some days I crave a reset button where I can just get away and come back with a fresh perspective. Sometimes all it takes is a night out with friends or a quiet evening alone. Other times, planning a trip is just what I need. Whether it is a quick, one-night escape or jetting off to put my toes in the sand a vacation is the ticket to refreshing my mind and senses.

So, if you are feeling the same way I do and need a respite from this crazy ride called life, maybe it’s time to plan a vacation. To save you from the stress of what to pack, Kelly Cerimele scoured the Lehigh Valley to find just what you need for your getaway. Turn to page 36 for the best in travel goods.

Take my advice and schedule that time away. Like me, you will benefit from a well-earned break, and so will your family. Then, when it’s time to get back to life, you will be ready with a clear mind and stress free start.

Best regards,
Amy Hines

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