September 2013 Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers,

Is it me, or does it seem that every year television commercials for major holidays and events seem to come earlier and earlier? Take back-to-school advertisements for example. They begin airing in June… just minutes after the last bell has rung and the backpacks are put away for the summer. I don’t let it bother me much knowing that I have the entire summer ahead of me. But before I know it, July rolls into August and I start to feel the warm months quickly slipping away.

August gives way to September and just like that, summer is over and like those commercials promised, a new school year has begun. I can’t say I’m totally happy about it.  It means homework, projects, lunches, practices and a whole host of responsibilities that kick in all at once.

But, looking on the bright side, back-to-school also means sweater weather and fall fun. And, lucky for us, we live in an area where there are so many things to do that make autumn months some of the best of the year.

It’s a great time to get outside and take in all that fall has to offer. Check out page 44 to learn how to choose and harvest your own fresh local produce. Mary Beth Schwartz takes us on a tour of Lehigh Valley’s finest pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farms. Or explore nature by bicycling through the Valley’s extensive rails-to-trails. On page 36, Angela Bristow encourages you to take a hike on your bike. And, read on to page 40 to find out where you can continue your trek on other trails throughout the Valley.

Don’t get me wrong, back-to-school isn’t all doom and gloom. Shopping for fashion and function is a great way to kick off the new semester. Kelly Cerimele brings us the best in school shoes and supplies; turn to page 50 for all the goods your student needs to succeed.

Happy Fall!

Best regards,
Amy Hines

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