April 2013

Flower Power: Choosing Color to Last All Summer

By Angela Bristow Spring is upon us and the garden centers are hopping with gardeners eager to get their hands in the soil. But sometimes frustration develops as the calendar moves through the summer and the once vibrant color of the initial planting season has faded. To have color in the garden all through the warm months, areas experts make some suggestions before puttin... »

Making Learning a Part of Earth Day

By Ruth Heil Did you know that, although 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, only one percent of that water is drinkable? The rest is frozen or filled with salt. Because facts like this foster appreciation for the preciousness of our resources, the founders of Earth Day set environmental learning as the holiday’s cornerstone. They knew that with knowle... »

Hawk Mountain

By Kathryn Finegan Clark More than a century ago many people believed the only good hawk was a dead hawk. Even bird lovers and conservationists detested hawks. The Pennsylvania Game Commission, fearing certain bird-killing hawks would wipe out the ruffed grouse population, offered a $5 bounty per goshawk in the 1930s. During the Great Depression that was a mighty sum and h... »

The Burning Hearts Fire and Light Theater

By Frederick Jerant Humorist Jean Shepherd (whose writings formed the basis of “A Christmas Story”) once mused that women apparently attend a special school before becoming mothers, where they’re all taught to say the same things. Stuff like: “Sit up straight.” “Eat your vegetables.” “One day your face will freeze like that.” “Don’t play with fire!” That’s (mostly) good ad... »

BeanBath Café

By Cathy Kiley I recently discovered a great cafe located in The Southmoore Plaza on Route 512 in Bath. Just passed Southmoore Golf Club, this upscale coffee shop offers fantastic views from its corner location in the plaza and even more fantastic aromas as you walk through its doors.This family-owned and operated cafe has been serving up delicious food and freshly-brewed ... »

St. Baldrick’s Foundation

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio If someone was willing to pay you money, would you shave your head? What if shaving your head could help raise money to fund research for childhood cancer, the number one disease killer of children in the United States? It may sound a bit crazy, but people are doing it and raising hundreds of thousands, make that millions of dollars for childhood ca... »

Pharo Garden Centre

By Nancy Moffett The love of plants and gardening has been a lifelong passion for Ray Steidinger and Victoria Leister, owners of Pharo Garden Centre on Easton Avenue/William Penn Highway near Bethlehem. It shows on their strong hands and outdoor faces. But there’s more than a passion for their business evident when you meet them. They have a strong bond with and commitment... »

A Taste of the Wine Trail

By Melanie Gold Depending on the weather, April frequently marks the time when the Lehigh Valley’s winegrape vineyards awaken from their winter slumber. Warmer, lengthening days inspire vines to “break bud,” producing leaves, then flowers, and eventually grapes. The annual harvest results in dozens of locally produced wines – many of them state, national and international ... »

Pool Plan

By Nancy Moffett Owning a backyard pool was one of the best parts of summer I’ve ever enjoyed. On sunny days I swam for exercise, and then joined my husband on warm evenings to float away the day’s cares. We left our pool behind years ago, but I still have fond memories of that blue oasis. Adding an in-ground pool to your property is a major investment, so the more informa... »


Formed in 1759 as a closed Moravian community on land owned by the Moravian Church, Emmaus is tucked into the north slope of South Mountain in Lehigh County. The town’s name was changed to Emaus (one “M”) in 1830 and the village of 200 acres was incorporated as a borough in 1859. In 1938 the Emaus Rotary Club circulated petitions to change the name back and Emaus again bec... »

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