April 2013

April Showers

By Kelly Cerimele Vera Bradley Ribbons Umbrella $34 Missing Piece 462 Bushkill Center Drive Nazareth | 610.759.4033 shopmissingpiece.com Rain Organic Vodka $19.99 Pennsylvania Fine Wine and Good Spirits Stores Multiple locations throughout the Lehigh Valley finewineandgoodspirits.com Chooka Womens Rainboot $66 STEP in 4 MOR 1823 West Allen Street Allentown | 610.432.1183 S... »

Marketplace Spotlight

By Sara Hodon Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 1620 Pond Road, Allentown  |  1521 8th Avenue, Bethlehem 3360 Nazareth Road, Easton  |  610.865.8077  |  stlukesoralfacialsurgeons.com When Dr. Wayne Saunders opened the first Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in 2002 he didn’t anticipate that ten years later it would grow to include there seven more oral surg... »

When the Power Goes Out: From Flashlights to Family Fun

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio For a young child, a “blackout” can be a very different, fun, and exciting adventure filled with flashlights and games to play. As adults, power outages rouse a stark reality that a storm impacts so much more than our mood and our plans. We find ourselves wondering how to keep from losing all the food in our refrigerator and freezer (or more, for th... »

Tea Talk

By Mary Beth Schwartz It is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water, and can be found in almost all U.S. households. On any given day, over 160 million Americans are drinking it. The British has been serving it for hundreds of years in royal silver, bone china, and classic red clay Brown Betty pots. They drink approximately 3.32 cups of it a day with m... »

Gluten-Free Guide

By Angela Bristow If you walk down the aisles of any grocery store you’ll no doubt notice the plethora of Gluten-free products. This way of eating is not necessarily a choice but a necessity for those who have celiac disease or celiac sprue. These are autoimmune diseases that prevent the small intestine from absorbing nutrients and the body from breaking down gluten. This ... »

A Soldier’s Story: Afghan Mission Confirms Young Officer’s Commitment to Army

By Ann Wlazelek In March 2012, less than a year out of college and Army officer training, Reid George got what he asked for – deployment to Afghanistan. The Parkland High School graduate was 23. He knew no one in the war-torn country or what his role as a junior officer would be. What he knew was that he was being sent to the Zhari district, the birthplace of the Tal... »

Patio Preferences: Which is Best for You?

By Andy Cook Our homes are typically the single largest investment we make. Whether you live in a modest ranch style home or a sprawling estate, making use of your space – both indoors and out – is a way to get the most value out of your property. In addition to sheltering you from the elements, a home presents to the world how we want to be seen by our family and friends.... »

Facebook Faux Pas: Are You Social Media Savvy?

By Sara Vigneri When my daughters were born, I signed them up for gmail accounts figuring their names would be nabbed by someone else once they were old enough to sign up for themselves. I never would have predicted that when my daughter was old enough to use her email account it would seem as quaint as using a telephone. Forget email, it’s all about social networks. Peopl... »

Summer Camping in the Lehigh Valley

By Sara Hodon “I’m bored!” Every parent hears this at some point during their child’s summer vacation. When riding bikes, swimming, or playing the latest electronic device loses some luster, a summer camp might be the answer. From the performing arts to nature, science to sports, there are dozens of day camps around the Valley that are sure to keep a child’s interest for a... »

New Workouts: Tried and True or Just Trends?

By J.F. Pirro At Fitness Central in Schnecksville, Steve Hrycko gets the question all the time: What workout burns the most calories? The owner-operator keeps his response sweet and simple: “The one that you use,” he says. “They all work if you’re willing to use them.” He hears both positive and negative feedback on three of the most popular, or at least marketed, newer wo... »

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