March 2011

The Green Outdoors

By Ruth Heil On most days, outdoors is the place to be. The sounds alone relieve my day-to-day tension: a calling sparrow, a breeze through the trees or a honeybee buzzing from clover to clover. Plus, when I warm my back in the sun, fill my lungs with fresh air, catch the scent of a lily patch, or drop a fresh-picked strawberry on my tongue, I can only hope heaven is as be... »

Glorious Grains

By Melanie Gold Grains are the foundation of the world’s diet. Generally speaking, grains are easy to grow, easy to prepare, and rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. They’re a staple in the “clean food” movement and provide excellent sources of complex carbohydrates (the “good” carbs). Today’s tasty, healthy grains aren’t just about oat bran and brown rice. Accor... »

Location, Location, Location: Event Planning in the Lehigh Valley

By Sara Hauff Doran One of the most important decisions to make when  planning a  special event is its location. Choosing the right caterer is another. It’s vital to  research different venues and choose the one that fits your style. Here are some Lehigh Valley area locations to consider: ALLENTOWN SYMPHONY HALL If you are a fan of live music and have a large  guest list, ... »

Save Money by Building “Green”

By Rick Koze Green building has come a long way in the last five years. Builders have gone from offering a few energy efficient features and options to examining every part of the house and tweaking it to maximize energy efficiency. Why? Because, the bottom line is a “green” house saves you green. Creating a new home is the greenest option because the most efficient new pr... »

Outdoor Design with a Green Touch

By Nancy Moffett Concrete walkways, porches and patios are common in the yards of Lehigh Valley homes. Whether you want to spruce up existing outdoor areas or add new ones, think about environmental impact before you begin. Two area suppliers and contractors gave us tips on how to add curb and use appeal to your property without using up scarce natural resources or adding ... »

What’s New in Farmers’ Markets

You just can’t beat the sweet tang that explodes in your mouth when you bite into a really ripe tomato, fresh off the vine. And homegrown strawberries are beyond exquisite. But if you don’t have the time (or room) for a backyard garden, you can still enjoy fabulous fruits, vegetables and other products by visiting the many farmers’ markets that dot our area. Here’s a quick... »

Spring into Fitness

By Sara Hauff Doran Springtime is known as a time of new beginnings and a great time to get back into shape or to reinvigorate your workout routine. Let the warmer weather motivate you to work on your goals — whether it is to lose weight, gain flexibility, train to run a 5K, build muscle or gain endurance. In a perfect world, we all would have time to achieve these goals. ... »

Trash to Treasure: “Green” Artists

By Carole Gorney Waste (also known as rubbish, trash, refuse, garbage, junk) is unwanted or useless material. Or is it? Americans each generate 4.4 pounds of trash per person a day. That’s a staggering 1,600 pounds times 300 million people per year. The bad news is that only one-third of that tonnage is recycled. The good news is that creative ways to turn waste into usefu... »

Pets Going Green: Healthier Options for Your Furry or Feathered Friends

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio The craze for natural and organic products doesn’t stop with humans. More and more companies are offering healthier alternatives to standard pet products, including better foods, natural treats, and more eco-friendly bedding, toys, supplies, and even holistic health remedies. Before you get stuck in the same old dog food rut, consider the more natur... »

Sustainable Living in the Lehigh Valley

By Maya Rodale The “green” movement has its roots firmly planted in the Lehigh Valley. In 1940, J.I. Rodale (my great-grandfather) purchased an old farm in Allentown. This plot of land on Cedar Crest Boulevard was where he tried out his organic farming ideas—and from where he subsequently launched the organic farming movement in America. Since then, life in the Lehigh Vall... »

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