March 2013

Going Green: St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio The luck of the Irish runs especially strong on St. Patrick’s Day – March 17 – even if you don’t have a drop of Irish or Celtic blood in you. This festive holiday reminds us all to celebrate with family and friends, enjoying a little social life and some great food and drinks however we please. From live music to parades, corned beef and everything ... »

St. Patty’s Day Switcheroo: A Drink and Dessert Recipe Reversal

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio Tired of the same old St. Patrick’s Day drinks, desserts and traditions year after year? You’re not alone. Most of us can admit that the green beer was fun back in college, but now we’re typically looking for more stylish options and creative recipes to get us through the year’s most social holidays. And while online websites offer some cute ideas t... »

March Madness

By Kelly Cerimele Jellycat Stuffed Bunny, $34 Bellini Promenade Shops 3060 Center Valley Parkway Center Valley  |  610.797.1800 Purple Patchwork Arrangement, $110 Phoebe Floral Shop 2102 W. Hamilton Street Allentown  |  610.434.9587 Assorted Dogeared Necklaces, $46 and up Susan Bella Jewelry 1746 West  Allen Street Allentown  |  610.434.8001 su... »

Technology in Schools

By Andy Cook By now, we’ve all been exposed to technology in some form or another. Whether you’re ordering a sandwich at a convenience store using a touch-screen display, shopping online, doing research at your local library, or finding your way with a map on your smartphone, technology is here to stay. It makes our lives easier, more efficient, and enables us to multi-tas... »

Healthy Eating on the Go

By Kathleen Shannon A hectic day and a healthy lunch don’t usually go hand-in-hand. If you’re hopping all day from appointment to appointment or are bogged down with family obligations, there are alternatives to that highway filled with fast food restaurants. Both busy moms and harried executives with a packed schedule can eat healthy while on-the-go. One of Micky D’s new ... »

Marketplace Spotlight

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Valley Partners 232 Main Street  |  Emmaus, PA  |  610.421.8887  | If you’re looking for a new home or location for your business, Steve Gould, agent with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Valley Partners, can help. Gould brings more than nine years of experience to the new BHG office, which opened in July 2012. In... »

5 Tips for First Time Homebuyers

By Rick Koze Pick up any article about the housing market in the Lehigh Valley and they all seem to have a common theme – now is the time for first time home buyers to get into a home. At Kay Builders, we know that from a financial standpoint, now is a great time to buy a new home. With mortgage rates hovering around 3.5%, it is possible to purchase a 1600 square foot town... »

A Relaxing Stroll Through A Slower Time

By Angela Bristow Before the technology and fast pace of life today, people moved through their days at a comfortable pace, made things with their hands, and instead of being a throw-away society, took pride in making quality products that lasted for generations. If you’re looking for a respite from the fast pace of life, try antiquing. Area antique co-ops with dozens of d... »

Not Your Mother’s Grocery Store

By Frederick Jerant If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember neighborhood grocery stores that carried a bit of everything on racks of shelving. The smiling owner often knew you and your parents by name. And if you were a little short on cash…well, you could catch up on your next visit. Today, most of those homey little places have been replaced with sprawling complexes ... »

Getting Organized

By Nancy Moffett It’s one thing to be organized at your job, quite another to come home and face piles of mail in the kitchen, clutter in your closets and general disorganization. To help you get a handle on some of these problems, we asked two local pros for advice. How to Organize Paperwork Certified Professional Organizer Diane Albright says the number one thing she hel... »

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