The Best I Ever Had Locally: Baked Oatmeal from Baked in Emmaus

The Best I Ever Had Locally: Baked Oatmeal from Baked in Emmaus

Think oatmeal is boring? Then you’ve never tried the comforting, mouthwatering creation that is baked oatmeal—and some of the best baked oatmeal can be found right in the Lehigh Valley, at Baked in Emmaus.

What sets it apart? As opposed to being simmered and served as a goopy, porridge-like cereal, baked oatmeal is, well, baked. “It’s made from a blend of oats, sugar, milk, and warming spices like cinnamon that’s left to soak for several hours,” says owner Missy Boehrer-Walters. “The oats absorb the liquid; and once baked, it creates a cake like texture.”  Each rectangular slice is served in a shallow bowl with warm milk, apples, almonds, and honey.

“We often refer to it as a suitable dessert for breakfast,” says Boehrer-Walters, adding that it’s been a local favorite and best-seller since 2010. “Some guests even enjoy it straight from the refrigerator with nothing added, and we have many people who stockpile it in their freezer for a breakfast on the go!”

As someone who’s enjoyed upwards of a dozen bowls of baked oatmeal in my day, trust me when I say it’s an absolutely perfect way to start a fall day, and a fantastic excuse to hit up the Emmaus Farmers’ Market on Sundays—located right across the street!

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