Be Your Own Valentine: 10 Ways to Pamper Yourself

Be Your Own Valentine: 10 Ways to Pamper Yourself

When I was in my twenties, I focused on finding a partner. I found one, and he became my date, my fiancé, my husband, my world. 

When I was in my thirties, he left. 

I felt like in the game of life, I had been stripped of everything and sent back to the start. I looked around for help, and I found it in my many friends. These smart, supportive women rallied around me. Some were single, some married, and others divorced. We planned friends’ events, we supported each other, and above all, we were kind to each other. 

In my mid-thirties, I found another partner. He became my date, my fiancé, my husband, and the father of my sons. This time, I was careful to continue to nurture and be kind to those dear friends who had been by my side, just in case he left. 

When I was in my forties, he did. 

Fortunately, those same friends—and more—are still here, and we all support each other. But this time, I learned something even more valuable. In addition to being kind to them, I learned the importance of being kind to myself. At the end of the day, the week, the months, and the years, the one person who will always be with you is you.

“Many of us have just made New Year’s resolutions, and a really good one is to be kinder to ourselves,” says Eva Ritvo, MD, psychiatrist and author of Bekindr: The Transformative Power of Kindness. “We live in a very fast-paced, hectic time. Many of us spend far too little time taking care of ourselves. But if we don’t, who will? As adults, it’s our responsibility to care of ourselves, so that then we are in a better position to care for the young, elderly, and others around us who may need some extra help. When we are properly rested, nourished, and feeling happy and confident, it’s so much easier to give to others.”  

Whether you’re going on a silver anniversary or find yourself without a date on February 14th, take the time to pamper yourself. You can do some of these activities without leaving your house—and you can do all of them right here in the Lehigh Valley.


You smile at your kids, your friends, and the cashier at Giant, so why do you scowl at yourself in the mirror? Smile at yourself! It makes you feel great, and you look better—instant cheekbones.


“The base of any self-care program should be proper sleep,” says Dr. Ritvo. “It’s hard to be kind to anyone when you’re tried.”  

Get a massage.

It doesn’t just feel good for you; massages are good for you. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic say that massage has many benefits, including reducing anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and pain. A local place to try is Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa, which offers a wide range of options, such as Swedish massage, trigger point massage, and deep tissue massage.

Consider a cupping massage.

This is a modern adaptation of the ancient art of cupping therapy. It’s sort of like the opposite of massage. When you get a traditional massage, the therapist applies pressure. In a cupping massage, instead the therapist uses negative pressure to pull, lift, open and expand the body’s soft tissues. Try a Rockin’ Good Health Therapeutic Massage.

Take a bath.

A bath is great me-time, if for no other reason than it’s great alone time! Even better, toss in some Epsom salts. Chock full of the mineral magnesium, they can help to decrease stress, aches, and pains.

Be calm.

If you prefer to drink some calm, try a hot mug of herbal tea. Drink the tea slowly and without distractions, taking at least 10 minutes to simply pause.

Spend time in nature.

Yes, it’s cold! But the benefits to being outside make it worth it to put on your coat, hat, and gloves. The Lehigh Valley has many beautiful parks, such as the Rail Trail in Saucon Valley. “Spending time in nature, going for a long walk, whether it’s while also connecting with friends or being alone, is a wonderful way to be kinder to yourself,” says Dr. Ritvo. “Choose what makes you feel best and make sure you are doing it regularly.”

At the end of the day, the week, the months, the years, the one person who will always be with you is you.

There’s no place like “om.”

Disciplines such as yoga can calm the body—and mind. “Activities that calm the nervous system are important to incorporate into your routine,” says Dr. Ritvo. “Yoga, meditation, and warm baths all quiet our overactive minds and bodies.”  

Balance your chakras.

At the Meera Salon and Day Spa, you can have a chakra balancing massage with essential oils or reiki.

Have a facial.

Young Medical Spa offers a calming facial or an antioxidant facial. Taking the time to do this for yourself can be such a treat to the spirit. 

It’s not too late to resolve to make 2018 the year you’re kinder to yourself.

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