Know Where to Go When

Know Where to Go When

The good news about getting medical attention these days is that you have plenty of choices—from scheduling an office visit, tapping an app for a video visit from your smartphone, tablet or computer, going to an urgent care center, or heading straight for the emergency room. The tricky part? Knowing where to go—and when. Here’s a quick guide.

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Call Your Doctor

Perfect for non-emergencies, managing chronic conditions, preventative care, refilling prescriptions, and your annual wellness visits.

Urgent Care Walk-in and Video Visits

When you need to see a doctor after hours, on the weekend, or straightaway for an issue that is not life-threatening, such as flu, poison ivy or sprains.

Emergency Room

Chest pain, difficulty breathing, severe bleeding, or head trauma are a few symptoms requiring immediate medical attention. Head straight to the closest ER or call 911.

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