Best I Ever Had: Pineapple Poke Bowl

Best I Ever Had: Pineapple Poke Bowl

Granted, there are likely no identical bowls for comparison in the Lehigh Valley. That said, this signature dish deserves recognition on its own unique merits. Chopfin, a recent addition to the quick and casual dining scene in Allentown, offers this lead specialty – called The Chopfin – as a tropically-inspired complement to their broad selection of sushi burritos and poke bowls, plus other enticing one-of-a-kind avocado boats, sushi, and chicken or seafood quesadillas. Super-fresh ingredients make this a great choice for people looking for clean-eating alternatives to traditional fast foods.

Preparation of The Chopfin starts with a whole pineapple that is sliced lengthwise and cored. The center is then filled with scoops of lobster, crab, salmon, tuna, shrimp, and house-made shrimp ceviche. This veritable variety pack offers an ideal meal to indecisive seafood lovers unable to settle on which aquatic protein they’re in the mood for. Juicy pineapple chunks, crunchy cucumber, and buttery-rich avocado are then placed over the top. A garnish of unagi, a slightly sweet soy-sake-sesame sauce, furikake, a Japanese seasoning mix, and light and crispy tempura flakes complete the tempting tapestry of tastes and textures. 

Offered as an individual dish, The Chopfin can certainly satisfy the most voracious of appetites. However, the generous bowl can easily be shared – especially when paired with a side or two. Choose from Miso Soup, Truffled Edamame, Seaweed Salad, Wasabi Peas, and Rice Vinegar Cucumber Salad. For a fun little dessert, try the highly addictive Mochi Pops – ice cream encased in a luciously chewy rice flour dough. Several flavors are available, but mango is incomparably sumptuous (in Lehigh Valley Marketplace’s humble opinion). 

Guests may dine in-house at tables or a window-fronted counter, or get comfortable at outdoor seating when the weather is amenable. Order online for efficient personal take-out. If choosing DoorDash or Grubhub, placing an order directly from Chopfin instead of one the delivery service websites is more cost effective. 


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