Letter from the Editor

Ahhh Spring … my favorite time of year and it’s almost here. All winter long I look forward to March knowing that with the first flower bud comes new beginnings and warmer weather is just around the corner.

In years past, I would selfishly get a little giddy just thinking about the possibilities March brings. After all, it is my birthday month, pitchers and catchers report (which is definitely a highlight for this long-time Phillies fan), and the warm sun makes a reappearance after many weeks of dreary, cold days.

But this year something different is fueling my anticipation of a season full of hope. It was my witness to the life of a 4-year-old girl who earned her angel wings this year after a long battle with childhood cancer. This little princess warrior – a named she so valiantly earned – has given me fresh inspiration.

Courageously, she fought long and hard, through pain and suffering. She endured more tests, surgeries and medicines that any child should ever have to bear. And in the end, she went to be with all the other angels who earned their wings before her.

Many say she lost her battle with cancer. But I don’t agree. So, how can I be so encouraged when so many others are grieving?

Because of her, complete strangers – from as close as Coplay and as far away as California – came together and formed a bond that will never be broken. From meals to monetary donations, from prayers to tutus and glitter, people selflessly gave whatever they could to ease the pain, if just for a little while.

Those who came to lend a hand – my family included – left with our lives changed forever. Our princess warrior made us all more whole and the community we live in a better place to be. That is why I believe she won the battle.

So this year, when I am reveling in warmer weather and cheering on the Phillies, I’ll look to the sky and remember this little princess warrior. I’ll smile knowing that her life and legacy are my new inspiration for hope each spring.

Happy Spring,

Amy Hines – Editor

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