Mom to Mom

Mom to Mom

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention, and that statement couldn’t be truer for Nikki Brezack. Brezack opened Hello Baby in the Lehigh Valley as a family business with her husband and two young children last May. Inspiration for the boutique struck as she and her husband were choosing baby furniture for their own kids but not finding anything special close to home. On a quest for beautiful and unique nursery pieces, the couple ended up driving down to Philadelphia on multiple occasions to find just the right baby furniture.

“We saw a need in the area for something like this for people who want something different—rustic finishes like Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware—a unique finish that’s not like the standard stuff you see everywhere else. That’s why we opened; there’s nothing like this around.”

In addition to its aesthetics and wide range of color choices, all of the furniture at Hello Baby is personally chosen for its safety. Most of the furniture at Hello Baby is Greenguard certified, boasting the highest environmentally safe level of testing.

“We research all of our furniture to make sure it’s safe,” Brezack says. “We only work with really responsible baby furniture companies that are truly invested in the health and safety of the children.”

Hello Baby positions itself as a destination for birthday gifts, clothes for kids, and reasonable pricing on unique furniture and quality items. Besides fine nursery furniture, Hello Baby carries many things that first-time parents would need—clothing, accessories, toys, gifts, feeding items, and more. Lots of spring and summer clothing and accessories will be coming in, including muslin swaddles, dresses, jumpers, matching family swimsuits, and baby sunglasses. The shop also partners with local artists for handmade and specialty items like knitted hats.

“We try to keep it a really fun, ‘gifty’ shop but also carrying the essentials for people buying for their own kids,” Brezack says. “We have backpacks, clothing they can wear every day, baptism stuff, and customized hand-painted piggy banks where we paint the child’s name on them.”

Spanning 3,000 square feet, Hello Baby recently decided to expand its line to include clothing for older children up to size 8. Look for the new line, named Parfait Kids, gracing the racks and shelves on half of the store and the Hello Baby brand merchandise on the other side of the store. Brezack says this expansion strives to meet the demands of a growing market. Even more specifically, she says they’ve seen a lot of older siblings coming through the store, as well as grandparents shopping for both the babies or toddlers and the older siblings.

“We’ve worked to build a sense of community,” Brezack says. “We want moms to feel welcome. We want them to come to us not only to buy stuff, but also if they have questions or for social value, when we have story time or prenatal dance class. My entire staff is educated in other areas where moms can go to get anything they need.”

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New Mom Resources in the Lehigh Valley

Becoming a mom for the first time brings lots of emotion and just as many demands. Consider participating in events or reaching out to local groups during early motherhood to gain support and solidarity in one of life’s greatest adventures.

Join Hello Baby and a bevy of baby-minded businesses for a mom-centric event where guests can socialize, discover local brands, and win prizes. Hello Mommy events happen several times per year to nurture and develop a great support system for local moms powered by a network of community partners.

Moms focused on nursing their babies can turn to support from this organization, which also offers classes, a new mom’s group, and breastfeeding assessments for those finding the nursing experience challenging in any way.

Expecting mothers and mothers of multiples or children born within three months of each other gain support from this group and other moms in it. From pregnancy and infancy through toddlerhood on up through school-aged kids, members enjoy plenty of support, opportunities to share experiences, and activities planned with multiples in mind.

Similarly themed, this group caters to moms of twins and higher multiples, offering support and social interaction. New moms can enjoy benefits such as breastfeeding support, home-cooked meals for moms upon leaving the hospital, an equipment exchange program, and NICU / bed rest support, among others.

New moms and seasoned moms alike must remember to take a little time and space to themselves every so often. This group focuses on taking a brief break from the mom life with exhilarating activities like hiking, paddleboarding, camping, backpacking, and more.

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