Restored Scapes

Restored Scapes

With the arrival of spring, homeowners long to get cracking on rejuvenating their outdoor living spaces. Time and Mother Nature have wreaked havoc on their driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, retaining walls, and sitting walls. Today there is hope for these tired hardscapes—The Paver Savers.

Before Jim Scocozza started The Paver Savers back in 2010, area hardscapes looked bleak. Since 1977 he designed and built custom hardscapes through his business Chestnut Hill Nursery. Most homeowners thought that these projects would look great forever with little maintenance. As a result, there was settling, weed growth, and moss formation. Scocozza’s clients could no longer relax and entertain outside. He was determined to find a solution to help these homeowners get back their outdoor living spaces. So he and his team researched equipment and procedures. They tested products for sealing and cleaning. They experimented on pavers. The end result was high-quality, long-lasting paver restoration service, supported by a first-class training program to educate the team of field technicians. 


“In the past 10 years, no one has cleaned, restored, and sealed the square footage of pavers that we have,” notes Scocozza. Covering the Lehigh Valley, Poconos, and Eastern Pennsylvania, The Paver Savers is known for their efficient and affordable process of restoring and protecting your hardscapes without the expense of replacing them. The first part of the process is the repair. The hardscape restoration specialists will repair pavers, steps, edging, patios, walks, and pillars. They also will address retaining, free standing, raised patio, and garden walls. The next step is to replace the sand. According to Scocozza, the joint sand between the pavers plays a critical role in the structural integrity of the paving system. This sand also deters weeds and insects. After the sand replacement, comes the cleaning. “Concrete pavers, brick pavers, poured concrete, and natural paving stones all need to be cleaned thoroughly before a sealer can be applied.” The cleaning will remove dirt, grime, rust, paint, leaf marks, and grease. Sealing is the last step. Homeowners can choose their finish. The sealer will last 3 to 5 years depending on exposure and usage. Sealed pavers are easier to keep clean and maintain, they can retain their beauty, and the joint sand will be protected. Sealing the pavers and the sand joints will deter the growth of moss and weeds and block stains such as wine, grease, and oil. In addition, sealed pavers are protected from acid rain and rock salt.


In keeping with the company’s mission to bring pavers back to life and get homeowners outside enjoying their space, Scocozza shared a story about a turkey fryer and a patio. “We had a client in Bethlehem who called us in a panic. Her husband and son were frying a turkey on their patio and the pot tipped over during the process. The area was soaked with grease and the stain covered most of the surface, turning the area completely black. The client was convinced that we wouldn’t be able to get the entire stain out. We used our special oil extractor, along with our regular cleaners, and were able to completely remove the stain. Their patio looked like new again when we were finished, and they were so grateful to have their patio back without having to replace their pavers. We also sealed the area for them, which would help protect the patio from future stains.”

Scocozza shared a second story of The Paver Savers versus Creeping Jenny. “We had another client who had just purchased a home in Easton and was in desperate need of our services. Their paver patio was entirely overgrown with weeds. Creeping Jenny vines covered a good portion of the surface. The area was unsafe, dirty, and just downright ugly. This job was particularly challenging because we first had to address removing the vines and dealing with the damage they had caused to the structure. After hours of weed whacking, we were able to uncover 30 to 40 square feet of patio space that the owners didn’t even realize they had. After successfully removing all the vines and weeds, we were able to repair the foundation of the pavers disturbed by the roots. Finally, we filled the joints with new polymeric sand and sealed the newly cleaned blocks.”

The Paver Savers is headquartered in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania and services the entire Lehigh Valley. You can visit them on Facebook or their website, To arrange a free consultation or a free demo of Coastal Source audio and lighting products, call 888-992-9001.

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