Weight Loss Success

Weight Loss Success

In 2013, Caleb Oliver weighed 370 pounds. But when his wife Jana announced her pregnancy, he knew it was time to do something. “It was getting harder for me to accomplish physical tasks, and I wanted to provide a life for my daughter.”

He tried numerous diets, but experienced the common “yo-yo” syndrome: his weight went down…then up…then down…

After researching bariatric surgery, he approached St. Luke’s Weight Management Center

“We see patients like Caleb all the time,” said bariatric surgeon Maher El Chaar, MD. “He was morbidly obese—more than 100 pounds overweight—had high blood pressure and sleep apnea as well. Type 2 diabetes runs in his family, and he was exhibiting symptoms of pre-diabetes himself.”

In 2016, Dr. El Chaar performed a gastric bypass procedure—which involves drastically dividing the stomach’s size and then connecting the small intestine to the smaller portion­.

Caleb’s weight now stays in the neighborhood of 238 pounds, and he’s experienced other health improvements as well: his sleep apnea disappeared and his blood pressure and blood sugar readings improved.

“That’s a common effect,” Dr. El Chaar said. “Excess weight aggravates other medical problems; losing it helps the other conditions improve.”

“I couldn’t be happier with the team at the St. Luke’s Weight Management Center,” Caleb said. “That was my first major surgery, and everyone was very supportive of me.”

After his procedure, Caleb began distance-running and won a slot in the 2018 Boston Marathon (sponsored in part by his employer, Boston Beer Company). “My goal was to finish the race,” Caleb said, “and I did it in 5:59.”


the Chicago Marathon in October. He hopes to eventually complete all six races (Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City) in the World Marathon Majors.

He found an additional benefit as well. “One of my happiest childhood memories is going to amusement parks. Before my surgery, I had to avoid roller coasters because the safety bar couldn’t be lowered. Last summer, I took my daughter Zavaya on her first roller coaster ride at Dorney Park, and the bar came down with no trouble!”

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