September 2011

Bob McLeod

By J.F. Pirro On his living room wall in Emmaus, Bob McLeod has painted white, puffy clouds set against a blue sky. His wife Lucy continues to wonder why Superman hasn’t appeared from behind those clouds. “Not yet,” he jests. Like Superman, a character that helped cinch his career, McLeod (pronounced Mac-Loud) is caught between two worlds: He’s a highly successful comic bo... »

Making Connections Through Reading: Cops ‘n’ Kids Literacy Program

By Jennifer LoConte You know you are doing the right thing in life when all the forces of nature conspire to make you successful.” Beverly Bradley, President of Cops ‘n’ Kids Children’s Literacy Program, keeps this quote as a daily reminder of how a single book can forever change the life of a child. According to The State of Literacy in America, 61% of the poorest childre... »

Back to School Highs and Lows: Observations from the Field

By Jennifer LoConte It’s that  time of year once again: back to school. As a parent, you may be jumping into the air, smiling and shouting, “Thank you, God!” Or, you may be clutching a tissue, looking at old photo albums, sobbing and asking yourself, “How is it that my baby is ready for kindergarten so soon?” Depending on the age of your child and how many of them you have... »

Planning the Perfect College Visit

By Angelina Sanchez When applying to colleges, most students feel unprepared. Where do I want to go? How many schools are too many? What about interviews? The list of questions extends forever and college planning seems daunting. Students and parents have different expectations and communication is not usually at the top of anyone’s priorities list. Following is a College ... »

How New Technology is Changing the Classroom

By Kathleen Mory Fall is upon us again, and as a new generation of students starts the next academic year of classes, they have a lot of new resources to look forward to this school year. As it has been for the past century, technology is advancing fast and it is changing the way we receive information. With the recent invention of such items as the Apple iPad & iPhone... »

Feathering Your Empty Nest

By Suzan French For somewhere around eighteen years, you’ve taken care of them, nurtured them and provided them with the necessities of life and an abundance of unconditional love. Now, as you help your children prepare for the next phase of their lives, you find yourself facing the next phase of yours: the dreaded “empty nest. ” Empty nest syndrome is a term that was coin... »


By Cathy Kiley There exists, on the corner of Chelsea Avenue and Greenwich Street in Bethlehem, a dining oasis serving up some of the best breakfast and lunch fare in the Lehigh Valley. For nearly eight years, this quaint eatery – Jumbars – has been a neighborhood staple, providing a popular venue for great food, warm hospitality and buzzing conversation between friends, f... »

Royal Furniture: Furnish Your Castle for Less

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio There’s just something different about shopping at a local, family-owned business. When compared to chain stores, family-run stores offer a special level of personality and service to their customers: they make their guests feel at home from the moment they walk through the door. The same is true for locally owned family furniture store, Royal Furni... »

Organize Your Home Office for Optimum Productivity

By Nancy Moffett Here we go again…after summer vacations and lazy days at the beach, we’re back to school and work. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around the busy months that lie ahead. Just dealing with paperwork the kids bring home the first few weeks of school can be a hassle, let alone keeping track of household mail, bills, etc. Before the madness begins, take ... »

The Truth About Autism

By Sara Vigneri The weather was hot and sticky and I was begging my daughters to get dressed and out the door. My frustration level was rising as the volume of their complaints over being rushed increased. Heading outside, I turned to my nine-year-old and said, “You brushed your teeth, right?” She gave me a look and then ran up the stairs to brush her teeth while I stood s... »

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