September 2011

Making Good “Sense:” Speech and Hearing Basics

By Sara Hodon Listen up! Your regular daily routine, including your job, might be causing some permanent damage to your hearing. Maintaining good aural health isn’t a top priority for many of us; in fact, most adults would probably agree that hearing is one of the five senses they most take for granted. But a few factors, namely age and work environment, can take their tol... »

School Days: How to Know Which One is Right For Your Child

By Ruth Heil We know that learning is crucial to child development and unless children participate in, and enjoy school, they might not excel. Yet some kids just do not do well in the standard school environment, for many reasons: Some require individualized attention. Some have learning disabilities or challenges while some need a strict regimen to stay focused. Some need... »

Choosing a Tutor

By Mary Beth Schwartz Cargo pants, Henleys, light-up Buzz Lightyear sneakers—check. Toy Story 3 backpack/lunch tote combo—check. School lunch must-haves—check. Folders, notebooks, pencils, erasers, paper, crayons—check. It’s back to school. But before long, some parents must start shopping again. This time, it’s not for an item at the local  store—it’s for a tutor to help ... »

Market Yourself with In-Demand Skills

By Andy Cook First, the Lehigh Valley boasts two community colleges:  Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC), and Northampton Community College (NCC). Community colleges offer quality education that is both affordable and accessible. You may want a two-year associate’s degree, or perhaps a program which lets you transfer to a four-year college or university to complete you... »

Rising Above Expectations: The Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio Don’t be surprised if you start to see more small businesses popping up in the Lehigh Valley. Lehigh University’s Dexter F. Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation offers students, faculty, and alumni guidance in recognizing their ideas and seeing them through to fruition as successful enterprises, whether for-profit, non-pro... »

Time to Make your American Dream Come True

By Rick Koze If you are reading this issue of Lehigh Valley Marketplace, chances are you have children in school and you are doing some short-range planning to prepare for the upcoming school year. If you are planning on starting a family or your family is growing, now might also be a good time to consider your long-term housing needs. In terms of seeking housing, the curr... »

Back to School Health Concerns

By Sara Hodon As students prepare to hit the books for another school year, parents are busy reinforcing the proper hygiene habits kids need to fend off a number of ailments that strike the average classroom every year. Almost like clockwork, Dr. Moshe Markowitz, pediatrician with ABC Family Pediatricians’ 17th Street office in Allentown, says that he sees a number of youn... »


By Laura B. Teter Lande Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. 1501 High St., Bethlehem, PA 18018  |  610-868-7771  | Serving the Lehigh Valley for more than 58 years, Lande HVAC provides installation and service of the most efficient and innovative residential heating and air conditioning systems available. Lande listens to customers and offers options to me... »


By M. Minti Ray The Borough of Nazareth is a vibrant and picturesque small community that is home to just over 6,000 residents. Set against the idyllic countryside a few miles north of Bethlehem, it boasts a rich history that dates back to the colonial era and has played an integral role in the religious, economic, social, academic, and architectural development of the Leh... »

Letter From the Editor

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” –Robert Frost Dear Readers, With summer a distant memory, it’s time once again for parents to gear up for all the changes this time of year brings. Perhaps, like me, you’ll be setting your alarm a bit earlier as your child moves on to middle or high schoo... »

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