Letter From the Editor

We’ve all heard the expression:  April showers bring May flowers. In most people it invokes a sunny disposition, knowing that warmer weather and greener grass is near. But, to be honest, I’m not one of those people. I’m not a big fan of April showers. I know how quickly they can turn into massive thunderstorms. And those who know me well know that I am terrified of thunderstorms.

When a storm is approaching I find myself glued to weather.com staring at the fiery path streaking across the radar map. You know what I am talking about…that bright red line that moves quickly from the plains to our area and seems to stall out right on top of the Lehigh Valley. When this happens, I know that soon the ominous clouds will thicken overhead and thunder, lightning and wind are not far behind. I get agita just thinking about it.

But there are some people who love these nasty cloudbursts. They enjoy watching them, sitting in their doorway or by the window as the thunder and lightning crash all around. They find it peaceful when flashes of light illuminate the dark sky and cracks of thunder break the night silence. I wish I could be one of those people.

No matter which side of the great downpour debate you are on, you’ll no doubt find interesting tips for surviving the worst of a thunderstorm when you read Kate D’Imperio’s, When the Power Goes Out: From Flashlights to Family Fun on page 48. And, Kelly Cerimele, scoured the Lehigh Valley to bring you some fun options when preparing to go out in the rain or to enjoy April showers of any kind. Check out Hot Ticket on page 52.

Wherever you find yourself during a thunderstorm, I hope it’s exactly where you want to be. Me, I’ll be waiting it out wishing for brighter skies and clearer nights.

Stay dry,

Amy Hines – Editor

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